Few users with the same credentials?


first of all - forgive me if I’m asking for something obvious… I’m not a developer that uses git like it was breathing, I just utilize this for quick-sharing home-assistant configurations with my brother [repository is private].

I use git-scm windows client for commit/push.
first tens of files pushed everything went good. activity&commits display on the gitlab page with proper user [me] and avatar that I’ve chose in my gravatar account tied to the same mail that my gitlab account.
today I changed my main desktop computer, so had to install a fresh copy of git client - but the local repository is the same [it’s just the samba-share of the raspberrypi hass.io config directory]. while pushing some changes I had to again enter my credentials, authorize etc. everything went fine - but when I’ve checked on the www I’ve found something strange:

  • in the activity, everything looks ok [username, avatar], just like before
  • last change in the overview and every new push [after reinstall] in the repository/commits looks like some other user did it - avatar is randomized from gravatar, and when I hover mouse over the username [which looks fine - it’s me], it points not to the profile url, but to my email.

I use 2FA, and I’ve generated new token for the new install, but I guess that while using the same user/account it shouldn’t change everything.

can somebody ELI5 what happened? I know that considering my very amateur usage of the gitlab - it probably doesn’t matter, but it pokes my OCD to watch such inconsistency…

oh, nevermind. stupid me…
late night working isn’t a good idea. I’ve misspelled my own email ;D

case closed.