Fingerprint cannot be generated

Hi to all,

i’m running a GitLab Docker image under a Qnap TVS471 Container Station

GitLab version is 8.9.6
Ubuntu OS version is 14.04.4
OpenSSH version is OpenSSH_6.6.1p1

My problem is when adding a public MD5 SSH key on GitLab SSH Keys section.
When trying this operation, i receive back the message “Fingerprint cannot be generated

I already checked online many soultions (verifying /TMP dir rights, using CURL to post the ssh key, checking key.rb code and so on…), but no one worked for me.

On this forum last messages about same problems date back to 2015 and no one was usefull for me.

Please, someone have any experience would helping me?

Thank you, Gabriele