Flag provided but not defined: -artifact-format

I see this error can’t figure out VM is freebsd
gitlab-runner is on a Ubuntu machine

I had a similar issue. The root cause in my situation was a mismatch between the gitlab-runner and the gitlab-runner-helper.

My setup:
gitlab-runner on headless Mac with a Docker executor

With a Docker executor, gitlab-runner relies on gitlab-runner-helper for managing artifacts and caching in the pipeline.

gitlab-runner-helper is a Docker image


  1. See what images you have on the machine (or VM) where you’re running gitlab-runner: docker images
  2. In my case, I had several gitlab-runner-helper images, so I just removed them all:
    docker rmi $(docker images --format ‘{{.Repository}}:{{.Tag}}’ | grep gitlab-runner)
  3. Verify your configuration in ~/.gitlab-runner/config.toml
    Disable any pinned docker-runner-helpers set through [runners.docker]helper_image
  4. Rerun your pipeline. You should get a new error message specifically identifying which gitlab-runner-helper you need (Error: No such image: gitlab/gitlab-runner-helper:x86_64-0aa5179e).
  5. docker pull
  6. rerun. This should fix any mismatches (which may or may not be the underlying issue you’re facing, but I was getting the same error message).
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