Force Gitlab to rerun the pipeline on manual job trigger

Hi everybody!

I’m currently biting my teeth out on this problem, and I hope you could help me.

I’m trying to create a smooth deployment experiance for some of my less technical colleages. For this, I would like to use the button gitlab creates for manual deployments.


However, this button only runs the job directly associated with the environment, but I need it to rerun the complete pipeline.
I tried using a needs relationsship, which does not change the outcome.
I also tried to run the deployment itself as a child pipeline and only define the environment for the trigger job, but this is forbidden.

Do you know of any way i can achieve my goal? (Without having to merge all jobs into one)

I’m using self-hosted Gitlab version 15.9.2.

Hi @SirRegion

unless your manual job will call GitLab API and rerun the entire pipeline like that I don’t see a way.

Not the answer I wanted, but the answer I expected.

Thank you anyway :slight_smile: