Frequently our GitLab is getting slow

Frequently last few days onwards our GitLab running slowly. We have a hook for the CI with Jenkins. We had installed the GitLab by OmniAuth. I don’t have any more ideas regarding this because we didn`t do anything new in our instances.

We are the newbie to GitLab environment. We are working in the GitLab since December 2016 and also we never faced this kind of issue before. I hope that I will fix this problem with you people. Kindly help me to fix the issue.

Follow the below image for our Gitlab details.

With what tool are you seeing this “slow down”? Is it when you’re on the gui? via push/pull? SSH?

With 10 cores and 32GB of ram, I doubt it’s running out of resources… I’d start taking a look at the disks and disk I/O to make sure all are health and you’re not doing any IO waits.

Check the Monitoring -> Background Jobs to make sure nothing is stuck.


I do not have any tool to find the slowdown. My GitLab GUI is responses very very slowly. That means When I try to access the project or any page of my GUI, It shows the result very very slowly. Taking one or two min to show the result. Some time It shows `unable to find the page`` in Firebox.

I have the same problem, only the web interface is slow, other service work well as normal. i have the 9.0.0 version.

The same problem here. Using the community edition of Gitlab, up to date, we frequently get 502 timeouts from the web app.

When this problem isn’t happening, our system (4gb of RAM, quad core, I guess Arunkumar’s system is much better than ours :slight_smile: ) performs snappily.

It’s good for me (a cheapskate) to know his experience, because now I know throwing hardware at the problem won’t help.

But when it’s slow, it’s very slow. Usually it’s the web interface that’s unusable, but occasionally it has also been pulls and pushes via ssh.

We are using some “slack” messaging to announce pushes.

Bouncing the server always fixes the problem, temporarily.

There’s nothing obvious in the Monitoring section of the web app, or in the top display on the box.

I’d love to have some troubleshooting tips.

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Now an 500 Internal Server Error occurred.

I don’t have the command line tool. What can I do?

I also see randomly this behavior. I was under impression that there is network problem, but once I started investigation it appears that this is gitlab bahavior

I am using version 9.5.10 and am seeing this behavior as well. Still no response to this issue?


out gitlab CE is doing the same thing…

sometimes web UI load really slow.

or sometimes i get internal error 500.

really annoying…

did gitlab designed this way so we’ll be forced to signup for the enterprise version? :slight_smile:

Hi all,

I’m currently migrating my Gitlab CE v9.4.7. on a new server.

My source server has 1 core with 4GB RAM.
My target server has 8 cores with 8GB RAM.

My new server take 1.8s to 4s to generate page on web browser.
My source server is faster that the new one.

It’s not a ressource issue, but I have no idea why it’s so very slow.

Please find below all services installed :

  • OS : Debian GNU/Linux 8.10 (Jessie)
  • Ruby : 2.3.3p222
    • gem : 2.5.2
    • bundler : 1.16.1
    • Rake : 10.5.0
  • Go : 1.8.3
  • NodeJS : 7.10.1
    • yarn : 1.3.2
  • MySQL : 5.5.58-0+deb8u1
  • Redis : 2.8.17
  • Sidekiq : 5.0.0
  • Git : 2.8.4
  • GitLab : 9.4.7 (3bc2f22)
    • git-shell : 5.3.1
    • gitlab-workhorse :
    • Gitaly :
  • NGINX : 1.6.2


I am seeing this as well running 10.4.3. It takes upwards of 20 seconds to render some of the UI pages. Pushes and pulls take a long time too.

In my case i have checked unicorn worker is takingb more memory but we cant kill this process

You just try to increase the unicorn worker count. Becase I fixed this same problem by increasing the unicorn worker count.

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It seems to work for me! Thanks