Huge performance issues

Hi there,

We are a team of less than 15 members (with 67 small/medium projects). We installed Gitlab (Omnibus) on a 4-core CPU Virtual Machine with 8GB of RAM running Debian 7.10, 4 months ago.

I do upgrades of Gitlab every week so we are currently using 8.6.4 version. We have huge performances issues. WebUI requests takes minutes (Any request like searching, loading the project list,…), git push/pull are very slow. Every time we do an action, ruby or gitlab-shell can be stuck with 80% to 100% of cpu for a minute. Every fews hours I have to restart unicorn (command: gitlab-ctl restart unicorn) to make the tool usable again.
I tried to tweak several parameters in our gitlab.rb file and on every update I clean the cache (command: gitlab-rake cache:clear).

Tail commands give no error. We do like using the tool, but most of the time it is just slow and we do not know why. Could you help us please?

See attachments:

  • Gitlab.rb

  • Environment description

  • Processes info during a project list loading in web interface

  • Tail result