Gentoo : x86 support


I’ve spent the last few days trying to get gitlab-runner working on an old x86 gentoo box. I’m currently completely stuck and was hoping I could ask for help here.

I have setup and recompiled my kernel to meet Docker’s requirements. I installed and docker and configured it for device mapper support, allocating a volume for this. Initially I was pulling down a prebuilt gitlab-runner binary but these fail as my architecture is i686 and the binaries provided by Gitlab only test for ARM variants and AMD64 architectures. So I redid the ebuild to pull down the gitlab-runner sources and patched them to support i686 before building the binary. I posted a bug in the issue tracker accordingly. Now I’m getting the following message in docker when gitlab-runner tries to create the image for a job.

time="2017-08-01T00:07:00.913287635+02:00" level=debug msg="devmapper: Failed to read /var/lib/docker/devicemapper/metadata/e8af9df1b49b74813cd8fb6dfc82bb49f20e266791d1de78e03d4fff2e8a0102-init with err: open /var/lib/docker/devicemapper/metadata/e8af9df1b49b74813cd8fb6dfc82bb49f20e266791d1de78e03d4fff2e8a0102-init: no such file or directory"

Gitlab-runner simply reports the following message

ERRO[0013] Failed to create container volume for /var/lib/gitlab-runner exit code 1  job=114 project=2 runner=2                                                                                                                  bef9e7e

docker info seems normal, so does dmsetup table and dmsetup status also look fine. Would anyone have an incling as to what I should check next ?