Getting file name history from commits/blame API

I’m building a tool which provides a historical overview of a particular file in a repository. It makes use of the /blame endpoint in the repository files API to determine who changed what when. I can use the field to show a link to the commit where the changes were made or attempt to reconstruct the permalink to the file at that point in time, but if the file was moved or renamed at any point there is not enough information to create the link.

Querying the commits API with the :path argument set to the current file path will return all of the commits in that files history, but like the /blame endpoint the returned commit objects do not contain file name data. I figured that it is possible to reconstruct the file name history by iteratively querying details of every commit in the history of a file, but this turns what was originally a single API request to /blame into potentially dozens of requests (depending on the length of the file’s history).

Is there any API endpoint which exposes this information directly or which could be used more efficiently to query for it?