How to get file commit history that without the 'rename commits' by rest api

Gitlab Version: 13.10

I have a repository, that have 4 commits

  1. create file a.txt
  2. update a.txt
  3. rename a.txt → b.txt
  4. update b.txt
    截屏2021-11-08 下午4.43.02

Then I push this repository to remote gitlab server.

what I want

get a file commits history that without the rename commits by rest api
like git log b.txt
截屏2021-11-08 下午4.47.33

what I did

use rest api
GET {{gitlab_url}}/api/v4/projects/{{gitlab_project_id}}/repository/commits?path=b.txt&ref_name=master
to request a file commit history

what I got

a file commits history that include the rename commits
like git log --follow a.txt
截屏2021-11-08 下午4.50.10


Is there any way to get commits history of b.txt by rest api, without init a.txt and update a.txt commits?
Thanks a lot

hello, can someone help me?