Getting token to register a group runner

We’re trying to register a group runner that will be used across the projects in our group. According to the documentation here, we should be able to get a token from the Groups > CI/CD > Runners page. However, as you can see from the screenshot below, there is no such section on that page.

We’re on the free tier, but the doc page indicate that this is for “All tiers”.

Project CI/CD > Runners pages do contain tokens, but those create runners specific only to that project.

Where can we get that registration token to create a group runner?


I think you are in the wrong place. The screenshot you show is from Group → Settings → CI/CD → Runners

You should have chosen: Group → CI/CD → Runners

See my screenshot below:

the token copied from this box at the top right, will then allow you to add your own runners. I am also on free tier, so you should have this too.

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Aha, that’s it — thanks!

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