Git commands run in CI/CD only seeing 20 most recent commits

All the git operations I run as part of the CI/CD pipeline only look back at the 20 most recent commits.

This applies to commands I run directly in the ‘script’ block in the .yml as well as commands I run from a Python script called from the script block.

Apparently GitLab has a built in default pagination limit of 20 items. The only reference I’ve found to this online is this GitLab forum post about the API, which has a suggestion for how to increase the limit for an API call. Get all commits from the gitlab api in a specific period Unfortunately, I’m not making API calls, so that suggestion doesn’t help my use case.

I haven’t been able to find any info about this limit in the GitLab docs, or any repo settings to increase it. Has anyone else run into this or have any thoughts about how to get around it?

Updating to say that I was able to get around this limit by setting GIT_DEPTH to 0 in my .yml file.