Git configuration messed up after install

Hello there,

I just finished installing Gitlab CE omnibus package on my private company server running Debian 8, on which we already had Git set up, with a few repositories, which we usually access via ssh.
Now, it turns out we can’t access these repositories anymore, and looking for a solution I discovered that installing Gitlab did silently mess up all git-related configs (Linux user and Git configs).

Does anyone know the exact changes made by a standard Gitlab omnibus install, so that I can revert to our previous settings, which did work fine for us?

Also, maybe I missed the warning, but shouldn’t it be made obvious before installing Gitlab that it may interfere with existing Git setups? I initially thought I could use Gitlab as an issue tracking / project management platform on top of my current Git setup, but it’s still not quite clear to me ho to achieve this, is there documentation for such a use case?


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I am having the same problem.

Same havoc over here… at my ‘git’ user and I cannot even spot the configuration files that caused it.

It just happened at the worst moment.

A prior warning would have been appreciated.

“gitlab-ctl reconfigure” messed up my git user.

Fortunately, changing git user’s home directory from /var/opt/gitlab to /home/git resolved our issues.