Git Repository has issues after upgrading from 7.7.2 to 7.11.4


I have some problems with one of the stored repositories in my upgraded GitLab installation. After upgrading to 7.11.4 some “features” do not seem to work anymore on the repositories:

  1. New Pushes / Commits are not shown on the “activity” page.
  2. Branches can’t be deleted via frontend from the “branches” page (using the red trash icon), the ajax call is performed, but unluckily on returning to the page the branch is back again (neither is it deleted from the repository itself).

The results of git fsck look like this for the repository, if performed directly in the filesystem of the server.

# git fsck
Checking object directories: 100% (256/256), done.
Checking objects: 100% (19408/19408), done.
dangling commit beb9807474d82ed92b34df05431d0ef8fb21bc4c
dangling tag 8be9800bb3515bae7d328e3255151772274df3bb
dangling commit 3afb51679ab7ee1bd21b5d32978ec5d106c9dd7b


PS: This does not affect all repositories (~140) on my gitlab instance, but a single repository, only.
PPS: It looks like #2 affects branches with “/” in it only (like stable/4.1.x or sna/fu).