Gitblab backup

Hi everyone,
I would like to know someone has already had this problem: the gitlab that I administer recently for work, starts making backups for me with a capacity greater than the disk space provided. So these are not complete. I first thought of a misuse of the gitlab.rb: gitlab_rails[‘backup_keep_time’] = 3 days, which is still consistent. I’m out of a solution. Do you think a “gitlab reconfigure” will do the trick or should I check something else?

Do what trick?

You need to provide more details to get a usable answer.

Some things that might make it possible for us to say something:

  • How much disk space do you have? In total and free?
  • How much disk space does the directories GitLab uses (that’s configurable) take up?
  • When is the last time a complete backup was taken?
  • Do you use the provided rake script to make backups or do you do something else?
  • If you use the rake script: When and how does it fail?
  • Why do you think the setting to keep backups are involved?
  • What constitutes “misuse” of that setting in your world?