Github importing does not work

It won’t let me import my github stuff, i mean it works but it actually hasnt imported squat for the back like 5 hours, i can only guess its from the more github kiddos moving home but eh


I have a similar error. I want to import all of my github repos. It shows most of my repos as “Started” on the import page and others have a gitlab repo created but those repos show as “Importing”. It’s been quite some time now.

Same, it’s been close to 11 hours and no sign of finishing. I’m just going to try deleting and reimporting overnight to see if something happens while things are cooling down but I hope it gets figured out

I have far too many projects in that state now, I would have to delete my account and start over >.<
Hope deleting it works for you!

for more info!

wait till its finished, it takes lot of time maybe there are many people migrating from GIthub today. i got all my repos imported it took like hour or so.

just close the tab it wont show finish dialog. dont know maybe a bug right now buts its imported in background

Hi! Can you people look in to see if there’s anything describing your issue? Thanks!

I would, and i dont see anything similar, but 24 hours or so later it seems to have finished.

thank yall!

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