Import from Gitlab instance to fails silently

My company is moving from its own Gitlab instance to to We have multiple projects, with one main project reaching 3+ years of history in git.
I exported my project on our instance, resulting in a file of 110MB.
When I try to create the project from this export (in my group, “New Project” > “Import project” > “Gitlab export”, the upload is OK, Gitlab refershes the page page multiple times while the import is running, and then…
Well, my project is almost empty :frowning:. I have my merge requests, my issues, but the code is not there !
Has anyone already encountered something like that, and how can I solve it ?
Thanks !

OK, just found a way to avoid this issue : my repository didn’t have a master branch. I cloned the repository, create a master branch, and pushed it, and now my project has code… Seems like a pretty strange issue, no ?