GitKraken: Constant OAuth token issues

I had the same issue for a long time. But i fixed it with a work around. I was able to push my branch to origin using github Desktop instead of GitKraken. when i pushed in GitDesktop the Kraken version also updated.

I also had this problem and am just using CLI as a workaround for now. My commit was ~100MB, mostly images.

I have the same error all the time could anyone fix it please?

@wojtekgradzinski this seems to be a problem with GitKraken and their OAUTH system - it would need to be raised with them and get them to fix it since previous posts above say how to get around it, but nothing needed to be done on the Gitlab side, just using other apps or pushing from the console, etc.

I ran into this issue using GitKraken with Azure DevOps, but this page helped me out so I figured I’d leave a comment for my GitLab cousins. :stuck_out_tongue: The issue for me was trying to push to a branch for which I didn’t have write permissions. Based on this and some of the other comments on this thread, I’m getting the sense that GitKraken just shows this error whenever the remote denies the push/pull in an unexpected way. So the solution isn’t always to reconfigure OAuth, but to look for other issues related to branch permissions and host-specific stuff.

I just ran into this issue and found this thread looking for a solution. I am running the latest GitKraken (8.2.1). After reading this thread:

  • I first tried @paulb’s suggestion of configuring the credential helper. That did not fix this issue for me.
  • I next tried to generate a new access token from GitLab. That did not fix the issue for me.

What finally resolved this was simply re-cloning the project from GitLab.

I ran into this issue when my repo contained a lot of audio files. I needed to commit and push in smaller chunks.

Having the same issue. How do you commit and push in smaller chunks files that have already been committed (but not pushed)? I’ve tried with soft and mixed reset but nothing happens.

I had the same problem with GitKraken 8.2.1 to GitHub, git push solved the issue for me.

Hello guys.

I keep having this problem in the last 2 weeks.

@gj_daniel_sonny Since this problem occurs whether it is Gitlab or Github means the problem is with Gitkraken and therefore you need to be asking Gitkraken to fix their implementation since it doesn’t work properly. Gitlab or Github cannot do anything about it, since if you don’t use Gitkraken and use something else for example, the problem doesn’t exist. For example, with Atom or Visual Code I never have these issues that Gitkraken has.

Same problem here

This problem seems to come up more often without solutions (example on Reddit). My suggestion would be raising a bug report to GitKraken.

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