GitKraken: Constant OAuth token issues

GitKraken: Constant OAuth token issues.

I am trying to push changes to my branch using the GitKraken GUI. This is something I do commonly without error. However, when I went to push, it gave me a pop up saying “Your OAuth token for ‘Gitlab’ is invalid. Would you like to refresh your OAuth credentials or try again without OAuth?” and presents the following three options:

  • Refresh Token
  • Retry without OAuth
  • Cancel

Refresh Token takes me to a GitKraken page in the browser, which indicated that I was authenticated and the system would work. I checked inside GitKraken, and I am authenticated. I also regenerated an SSH key. However, it keeps giving me this pop up no matter how many times I re-authorize.

Retry without OAuth gives me an error saying “Push Failed: failed to write chunk header: The server returned an invalid or unrecognized response

I logged out of gitlab and back in, and after exiting and reopening GitKraken, it continues to say I am not connected. After reauthorizing again, it says that I am connected.

How can I fix this error?

Thank you

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Hi @s_team337 and welcome to the GitLab Community forum!

It sounds like this was previously working as expected, but now it’s not.

Did you recently update GitKraken?

Did you make any changes to your account authentication options (eg. 2FA) on GitLab around the time this stopped working?

I’m not able to reproduce this behavior in my testing, but if this affects other users I’d expect to see some response here.

For community support and technical assistance with GitKraken, I suggest joining the GitKraken Slack channel as recommended on the Contact > Support - GitKraken page.

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GitKraken was updated as normal around 8 June (I think).

I did not make any changes to my account when this stopped working.

Hey, I and my team have had the exact same problem on multiple occasions over the last few months, and have tried every angle we can think of from restarting everything to reauthorizing manually. It usually has fixed itself within a few days, so we haven’t felt the need to post on forums.

But, it is currently happening to me (Kraken 7.1.0), and my googling brought me here. Consider this my +1 to the GitKraken / GItLab OAuth issue.

I haven’t fiddled with any settings in a long time prior to getting this error, and it’s been a while since the last Kraken update.

I managed to get around it by using the terminal for pushes until the problem went away.

Oh, that’s good to hear!

I came here to report after consulting people wiser than I, that it seems the problem in my case was a large-ish commit (like 300-400Mb) earlier in the history that either GitKraken or Lab didn’t want to process. This commit mostly contained audio files.

What solved this for me was as follows:

  1. Created a branch before the offending commit
  2. Cherry-picked everything else from every single unpushed commit to the new branch except the audio files
  3. Merged the new branch to my working branch from before the offending commit

I could push everything in a single push, no problems whatsoever. Don’t know if it was the mere volume of the files or the type of files that offended the process in my case.

I have the same issue since yesterday. +1
(2FA enabled on my account)

Hi @vladimir.cascarade! Welcome to our community forum!

I am unclear on whether or not you got what you need - let me know! I want to be sure you get your issue sorted. :blush:

Dear @Linds

Thank your for your follow-up on this thread, I really appreciate it. Meanwhile I managed to correct the issue by deleting the .gitkraken folder in Roaming (Windows user here) and cloning the repository again - contacted GitKraken support for that.

I am able to consistently reproduce the issue by working with a repository that uses a number of git submodules. If I work on a feature branch that points to a different commit other than develop does for either of these submodules, upon trying to switch to develop and pull the latest changes I am continuously prompted to re-authorize GitKraken in Gitlab.

Given that I’m not sure how communication works between yours and GitKraken’s team - or if there is any communication for that matter, I’ve posted this lengthy feedback, maybe it will help someone else or prompt you guys to look into the issue.

For my current client this bug is a serious nuisance because it forces me to do the above steps sometimes even multiple times a day, in addition to reinstalling all dependencies with each new cloning. This increases the time I spend on a task by a certain margin.