Gitlab 15.3.1 upgrade with helm issue "gitlab-shared-secret"


I tried to update my gitlab running on k8s this morning in the last version (15.3.1) using helm, it always worked but this time I’m having on issue with the job “gitlab-shared-secret”

The job say it can pull image :
gitlab-shared-secrets-4-sx9-7wnfl 0/1 ImagePullBackOff

with a describe :
Back-off pulling image “

But I’m doing the installation with the last chart so … maybe an issue with the repository gitlab ? I didn’t modify the image for this job

Is anyone have seen somethin about ?

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Having the same issue too, my gitlab helm chart deployment was working fine yesterday, but today I am getting the same error.

Thanks for reporting. ErrImagePull from (#3489) · Issues · / charts / GitLab Chart · GitLab seems to be related to your problem, with potential fixes in the comments.

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