Gitlab 16.7 Postgres confusion

This seems like a really simple and/or dumb question, but the 16.7 version-specific upgrade instructions are a little confusing. If I want to keep using postgres 13 with the new version, do I need to set the version in gitlab.rb before I do the upgrade? Does that only apply to new installs? It just seems a little weird that the default would be a breaking change, which seems to be “Use 14, but dont upgrade automatically”. Just trying to figure out the right order of operations to not brick my install and also not cause a head-scratching gotcha 2 years from now whenever 13 does drop out of support.

From the documentation you linked it sounds like you want to specify the version before the upgrade,

In /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb, uncomment the line and set

postgresql['version'] = 13

save it, then run

gitlab-ctl reconfigure

Setting the postgresql version to its current version now shouldn’t do anything but confirm what its already assuming.

Also always a good idea to run a backup with