GITLAB 8.3.2 CE Update query

I am using gitlab version 8.3.2 CE and i have enable check version checkbox in my application setting so i can see text “update asap” with red color. you can see attached image for the same. so i want to know that to do update is compulsory or not?

lets say if i am not updating then will this current version will not work in future at least for 1 or 2 years ? because i am am okay with the current version and i don’t want to update with newer one at this
moment. we have lots of project repository at this moment on gitlab so i am afraid to update current version. can some one please provide valuable suggestion ?


Its not mandatory to upgrade as soon as it turns red, but it is always recommended to be on the latest version as the it contains latest defect fixes and new features. Not updating till 1 or 2 years is not a good idea, because upgrading legacy systems is always a pain.
Upgrading is not a difficult task its easy you can test it on a test server then attempt on the main server.
I suggest you to Upgrade at least once in a quarter.

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Thanks ershad. In my git lab as you can see in attached image of initial question it is already coming with red color. so i must have to update it right now should it stop soon? how much compulsory time i can extend to update it? at this moment really very busy and no idea when i will get chance to update in future.

“Update ASAP” means that the version you are running has issues related to security. If you do not update, you are at risk of having someone else take over your server and do whatever they want.

Again, as @ershad.ahmad said, there is nothing forcing you to do the upgrade. Your GitLab server will not stop working solely because it is an old version. That said, upgrading is so easy (if you are running Omnibus) and the consequences of not upgrading immediately could be terrible if an unauthorized user gains admin privileges on your server.