Gitlab-ce 9.0.2 update asap message

When going into Gitlab-ce there is a message listing version with update asap but when I run the cmd on ubuntu 16.04 - sudo apt-get update and then sudo apt-get upgrade it runs all updates
then I run sudo apt-get install gitlab-ce it states I’m at the current release

What am I doing wrong

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I think you’re suppose to specify gitlab-ce (i.e. sudo apt-get install gitlab-ce)

I do that command as listed in my question - It says no new updates - But clearly the Gitlab-CE is at version
GitLab 9.0.2
Gitlab Shell 5.0.0
Gitlab Workhorse v1.42
Gitlab API v4
Git 2.10.2
Ruby 2.3.3p222
Rails 4.2.8
postgresql 9.6.1

and at the top of this list it states Components and in red box update asap

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