Gitlab Account Validation

Hello Gitlab Community,

I have just validated my account with Gitlab. To use free pipeline minutes, I was asked to enter the credit card details & it was said that they won’t charge any amount from the card as it was just to discourage & reduce abuse on GitLab Infrastructure (Attached snapshot of the screen).

However, I have noticed that my account has been debited with 86.14 INR (1.04 USD). I suspect that this is completely misleading & confusing to the users who have opted for free plans & were looking for free pipeline runs under it. I want to know whether the debited amount will be refunded or not.

Request your help to resolve this issue (In case of any understanding gaps from my side, please feel free to correct).

Hi there
It should be refunded. Has it left your bank account? When was this?

There are free minute limits. If your CI/CD exceeded the amount of free minutes available, then it would charge your card. However, I expect if it is just $1 that this is a card verification charge that is usually refunded as mentioned by @doctor3182

However since we are community members nobody here can help you, you would have to open a support ticket and ask Gitlab about billing issues here:

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