User validation required?

We have a new developer whose pipelines are not running due to an error with a message that starts User validation required To use free pipeline minutes on shared runners, you’ll need to validate your account with a credit or debit card....

I don’t remember validating my account like this, is it now the normal workflow?



Hi @snim2 Gitlab added this recently, because of abuse of their platform with people mining crypto via the shared runners, pipelines. So now, all accounts need to be verified first so that the abuse can be reduced.

This is the post relating to that change: Preventing Crypto Mining abuse on SaaS

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Thanks @iwalker


all accounts need to be verified

Thank you for the correct answer, @iwalker. A small correction: only new accounts need to be verified.

From the forum post you linked (emphasis mine):

starting May 17th, 2021, GitLab will require new free users to provide a valid credit card in order to use shared runners on


Hello, will there be another option besides ‘credit card’ to use as validation? I could imagine that a lot people in the EU don’t use creditcards but debitcards. Wondering how I can validate my account now :sleepy:

@CEikelboom apparently it is possible:


Same issue, here and I’ve already validated with a valid debit card. HOwever, it still asks for validations after refresh

At present the validation banner will still show on pipelines that failed to run before you validated. This is a bit confusing, admittedly and our team is working on making it less so.

In the mean time, please try your pipeline again by pushing a new commit or triggering a pipeline manually.