GitLab Agent connectivity to EKS issue

we are trying configure gitlab-agent with eks cluster to execute runners on this same eks cluster . we have followed below helm commands and link.

->helm repo add gitlab
->helm repo update
->helm upgrade --install gitlab-agent gitlab/gitlab-agent \
    --namespace gitlab-agent \
    --set config.token=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX \
    --set config.kasAddress=wss://XXXXXXXX-/kubernetes-agent/

Installing the agent for Kubernetes | GitLab

after installation of agent in cluster, pod is running there are no errors in logs but in UI agent status is never connected. below are agent pod logs
{"level":"info","time":"2022-06-14T07:49:12.238Z","msg":"Observability endpoint is up","mod_name":"observability","net_network":"tcp","net_address":"[::]:8080"}

please find agent config file below

.gitlab/agents/agent name/config.yaml

    level: debug
  - id: "project path"

any suggestions and help would be grateful.

@maheshmalidevi001 Hi, sorry for editing your post, it was on hold in the spam moderation queue.

It seems the title was cut after a certain cahracter limit, suggest editing your post and including all details. Thanks!

@dnsmichi thanks for your suggestions. i have included all details. if any information needed please keep posted here

Assuming you are running a self-managed GitLab instance, the agent also requires the server installed and enabled.

Maybe you are on the same team as this topic is about? Gitlab KAS Agent connection issue If so, let’s continue there.

@dnsmichi Thanks for the update. we are using self managed gitlab and also we have installed kas server and enabled.
Gitlab KAS Agent connection issue in this issue their agent was in connected state. in my case agent status is not connected. wondering why agent is not connected state in UI after correct configuration and installation also .

Thanks for the update. I can see that the agent has debug log enabled. Can you check again for any updates in the pod logs? By using the debug log severity, it should log more details.

no logs are getting other than the below log
$kubectl logs gitlab-agent-858b46c8f6-c2wcn -n gitlab-agent -f
{“level”:“info”,“time”:“2022-07-05T13:13:03.628Z”,“msg”:“Observability endpoint is up”,“mod_name”:“observability”,“net_network”:“tcp”,“net_address”:“[::]:8080”}

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same here any update ?

I ended up here after more than 3 days of searching and I still haven’t found a solution to this issue. I’m able to connect to the server with no issues from my Kubernetes nodes using ‘telnet gitdomain 443’
but for some reason the agent just shows me the same logs as OP.

The agent is able to connect to with no issues.

Any help would be highly appreciated.