GitLab - Kubernetes Agent - Not connected


I am trying to setup the kubernetes setup using Agent and integrate it with my gitlab project.
On the agent side(agentk - kubernets cluster), all I get in the log is single line stating “Observability endpoint is up” and nothing more.
{“level”:“info”,“time”:“2022-07-07T07:52:02.996Z”,“msg”:“Observability endpoint is up”,“mod_name”:“observability”,“net_network”:“tcp”,“net_address”:“”}

There are no logs that are available in the agentk and on kas side I do not have access to logs/server(we are using on-prem gitlab setup).

On the Gitlab project side, I see the “Never Connected” in the status column for the agent.

I have tried many different options and following all the steps as mentioned in the document.
Any leads or pointers in the direction to debug/resolve the issue is appreciated.

Version of Gitlab : 14.10 and agentK version is 14.10

Thanks in advance.


same here with 15.1

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same here any update ?

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Unfortunately still stuck with the same issue.

it worked when I switch from HTTPS to HTTP communication :worried:

Hello everyone, I am also encountering this issue.
Agent version: 15.4.0. It is showing at “Connected” in the Gitlab UI.
I think I read all documentation and watched all videos 3 times, still no clue.

Happened to me as well on a self-hosted Gitlab instance, but after setting iptables firewall rules. Make sure 443 port is not being blocked for your cluster nodes and local network addresses.

Gitlab version: 15.0.2
Gitlab agent version: 15.4.0