Gitlab alongside other web services

Hi all,

Sorry if this has been answered before or if I am missing something straightforward, but I am having real difficulty setting this up. I have a (ubuntu 14.04) server with a static IP that is already hosting a media-wiki and a few static pages and so on with Apache. Gitlab looks ideal for what I want, I’m just struggling to set it up with the other services.

If I disable the Apache server, gitlab will run fine with the bundled nginx (I’m using the omnibus install) with the external URL set to http://STATIC.IP/gitlab and no other changes. I don’t know if it is possible to run nginx alongside apache somehow?

Running gitlab under apache seemed the more sensible option, but none of the guides I have found seem to work. I have made the following changes to /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb

external_url ‘http://STATIC.IP/gitlab
gitlab_workhorse[‘enable’] = true
gitlab_workhorse[‘listen_network’] = “tcp”
gitlab_workhorse[‘listen_addr’] = “”
web_server[‘external_users’] = [‘www-data’]
nginx[‘enable’] = false

and reconfigured. I have copied the apache config from gitlab recipes to /etc/apache2/sites-available/gitlab.conf (and symlinked to sites-enabled). I set the server FQDN to



ProxyPassReverse http://STATIC.IP/gitlab/

and changed the log directories to match my system (apache2 instead of httpd). Loaded the suggested modules, rewrite, proxy and proxy_http, and restarted apache, but when I visit http://STATIC.IP/gitlab I get a 404 not found error served up by apache.

I think I must be missing something simple - if I create a gitlab folder and put an index.html file with “hello, world!” inside it in /var/www/html/gitlab/index.html it shows me the contents of this when I visit that address, so it doesn’t seem to be pointing to gitlab in /opt/gitlab at all. I don’t know the first thing about networking, can anyone suggest where to go from here, or how to diagnose it? I don’t know if the problem is with apache, or the communication between apache and gitlab, or if I’m using the wrong address, or something else entirely?

I’ve been trying every different configuration I can think of for the last 6 hours, at my wits end, any help would be appreciated!

Many thanks,