GitLab and Visual Studio Code

Hi. I am having trouble using ‘git push’ to a branch on a project as I keep getting rejected.The owner has given me permission via my GitLab registered mail BUT there seems to be a conflict.
VSCode only allows me to Login via its Microsoft page.
That email is associated with GitHub.
The same email is used for GitLab so even though my email has been granted access to the GitLab project it appears that VSCode is signing into my GitHub account.
How do I ensure VSCode signs into myGitLab account?
Is there a recommended extension in VSCode for this (and not force me to Microsoft’s login page)?
Many thanks.

Hi @mvallance
you can install the official GitLab extension for VS Code. You can find it in VS code extensions “marketplace”.

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GitLab Workflow extension for VS Code | GitLab provides details for installation and also configuration, i.e. how to configure a personal access token to being able to git push using https.

Got it … thank you very much.