Use GitLab with Visual Studio Code. Connecting Problem

Hi everyone,

i use Visual Studio Code (VSC) for Programming. I cannot connect to my GitLab over VSC. I have install GitLab Workflow Extension from the VSC Marketplace. I also create a Access Token in GitLab to use it in the GitLab Workflow Extension setting to connect. If i click “Add Account” in GitLab Workflow Extension, VSC want´s the “URL to Gitlab instance”.
I think its this adress from GitLAb → “”.
Then VSC want´s the Personal Access Token, which i have also type in the field in VSC.

But i get the following Error Message from VSC:

Request failed: Can’t add GitLab account for Check your instance URL and network connection.

What is a instance URL in GitLab?

Is this my instance URL:

Anyone know hoc can i fix the error or whats the problem is?

Sorry for my bad english