Gitlab AutoDevOps Assistance with setup on GKE

Here is my environment info:
Gitlab Version: 13.7.4-ee
Self Hosted: Yes
Self-Signed Certificate: Yes

Problem Description

I am trying to setup a quick demo environment for Auto DevOps to show to my team. I have created a self hosted Gitlab instance running on a RedHat Linux VM. I have created a project from the NodeJS Express Template. I have followed the directions and successfully setup a Kubernetes Cluster using GKE. I ran through and installed, Ingress, Prometheus and GitLab Runner software on my GKE Cluster at the project level. Checking the console I can see Pods for each of the software on the cluster.

When I check the status of the GitLab Runner in Gitlab I see the following:

I have seen some info on the net that seems to suggest the GitLab Runner in my GKE cluster cannot talk to my Gitlab server. I am following the Auto DevOps Quick Start Guide. It mentioned nothing about configuring the cluster to talk to the internet and for self hosted, not much info on my the correct info for the Base domain value should be. I have tried my public IP of my Gitlab instance, public IP of GKE cluster and the info provided by ingress.

I am at this point where the GitLab Runner get trigger but has the error of being stuck.

I was able to find the log output for my pod where the GitLab Runner is. Here is the error message:

WARNING: Checking for jobs... failed
couldn't execute POST against
Post x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

So It appears to be a self-signed certificate issue. I came across this information about self-signed Certificates. But here it specifies a variable, GIT_SSL_NO_VERIFY, that I can place in the .gitlab-ci.yml file, but that is in my project not the Runner? How do I get the runner to ignore self-signed certificates?