Gitlab, Azure Oauth2 integration and MFA

Hi there,

I’ve successfully integrated GitLab with the Azure Oauth2, however, conditional access policies on the Azure portal are not applying, the consequence is that I’m not being prompted for MFA.
I’ve been in touch with Microsoft support and after escalating the call with their dev department, they asked me to contact Gitlab for help.

Apparently the Gitlab application is not sending an interactive sign-in request, something needed for the conditional access policies to apply.
Looking around I found that similar problems have been raised (, but it is not clear if a resolution is available.
This is a self-managed server and the current version is gitlab-ee-12.4.2-ee.0.el6.x86_64. I also tried to update to the last version available on a test environment, but the problem still exists.

Can someone assist with this please?