GitLab CE AWS AMI is Broken

THe GitLab CE AWS AMI seems broken tried 2 different regions Ireland and Frankfurt however end up with a blank ubuntu server no trace of Gitlab being installed.

it seems that the cloud init brakes on installation with an error looking like:
E: Unable to locate package gitlab-ce

tried these ami(s) in appropriate regions:

Mentioned that in another post. No one seems to care. Wonder if people actually use this install method often…

Hi @pmoosh and @wesley.

Thanks for report, we’re looking into the issue since this morning and we’re working on it.

I ask you both to please report the issues that you may run into in the future to report it directly into the GitLab Community Edition Issue Tracker as we will provide a quicker answer there, due to this being a Community Forum instead of a issue tracker.

As soon as we have a relevant update on the issue I will update here.