GitLab CE + Bibucket

I have local gitlab ce server.
I’m trying to set up import of repositories from the server using this instruction:
(Integrate your GitLab server with Bitbucket Cloud | GitLab)
here are the settings:
screen — ImgBB
but still the message comes out:
" Import projects from Bitbucket
To enable importing projects from Bitbucket, as administrator you need to configure [OAuth integration]"
It is possible to configure GitLab CE for import from bitbucket???
need help!)))

You probably need this bit: Integrate your GitLab server with Bitbucket Cloud | GitLab

Which will ask you to configure this in gitlab.rb:

#gitlab_rails['omniauth_providers'] = [
#  {
#    "name" => "bitbucket",
#    "app_id" => "your-app-id-here",
#    "app_secret" => "your-app-secret-here",
#    "url" => ""
#    "args" => { "access_type" => "offline", "approval_prompt" => "" }
#  }

you probably need to make sure you followed all the steps in the documentation, otherwise it would work. I have used this years ago, so if you did what the documention said it will work. But you perhaps missed something from the config/steps for enabling it.