Unable to import repo from Bitbucket Cloud to Gitlab CE

Installed GitLab CE (omnibus package) on Ubuntu 20.04 AWS EC2 for CI/CD testing. All my repos on Bitbucket Cloud. I know CE version doesn’t support CI/CD from remote repository, so I wanted to integrate GitLab with Bitbucket Cloud to import repo for testing. If I click create project – import project – Bitbucket Cloud, it says: “Import projects from Bitbucket”
To enable importing projects from Bitbucket, as administrator you need to configure [OAuth integration]. So I create Auth Consumer in Bitbucket Cloud received app key and secret key.
On your GitLab server, open the configuration file:

# For Omnibus packages
sudo editor /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb

2. Add the Bitbucket provider configuration:For Omnibus packages:

gitlab_rails[‘omniauth_providers’] = [
name: “bitbucket”,
# label: “Provider name”, # optional label for login button, defaults to “Bitbucket”
url: “https://bitbucket.org/
For the changes to take effect, reconfigure GitLab if you installed using Omnibus GitLab
Still doesn’t work. Any help appreciated, thank you.