[GitLab CE] Issues while loading main.*.chunk.js // Unexpected end of input

Dear community,

I’m experiencing huge problems with my GitLab CE container (v 12.1.3). Some weeks ago everything started with not serving the activity list on my start page and not showing changes inside merge requests.

The developer console of my browser shows the attached errors while trying to access GitLab (unexpected end of input (main.*.chunk.js file)). Sometimes everything works very well but most of the time I’m experiencing this issues.

Has anyone seen this error in the past too and can tell me the reason for this behaviour?

Thanks in advance for your feedback. :slight_smile:

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This is not an answer but a confirmation.
We are also experiencing same kind of problem with GitLab CE container tag 14.3.3-ce.0 . This week our VDS provider did a renewal work and we needed to restart whole server accordingly. After that incident gitlab started loading .js files improperly.

I was able to locate the files in the server, for example, main.*.chunk.js has 137 lines in the server but loaded file has 131 lines with non-complete content. For the sake of clarity the file size is about 670kb and has a little more than 685000 characters (counted with wc -m).

Source of this same problem also seems to cause website to not list merge conflicts even when there are some conflicts.

I have tried to gitlab-ctl restart, gitlab-ctl reconfigure, docker restart to no avail. Increased nginx file_size parameters too.

Some additional information; OS is CentOS 7, container has another nginx infront of it however ports and proxy redirects was configured and did not cause any problems in the past.

A big thank you for anyone who is willing to help :innocent:

@grandhanate I hope this helps your case too.

The issue we are facing was a caching problem. Specifically, our cloudflare proxy service was the culprit, purging the cache for afore-mentioned file solved the problem completely.

So check ALL your caches, not just NGINX, Apache etc.