Gitlab ce upgrade from 16.6.2 to 16.6.6

while upgrading from gitlab ce version 16.6.2 to 16.6.6,the following error came

How to resolve ? Any idea ?

My first question is, why are you downloading the deb manually and upgrading, when Gitlab provides repositories that allow you to upgrade by just doing: apt-get upgrade and that would pull in the package. Or by using the appropriate apt command to install a specific version as well. This link details the upgrade procedures for example relating to what I mentioned here: Upgrade GitLab by using the GitLab package | GitLab for example: apt install gitlab-ce=<version>-ce.0 to go to a specific version during upgrade.

My second question, relating to what you downloaded manually - are you sure you have the correct package for the OS you are running on? You don’t mention whether it was Debian or Ubuntu, nor what version you are using? Maybe you try to install the wrong deb package on the wrong OS, hence the problem with the GLIBC error.