Upgrade mistake

I made a mistake upgrading our gitlab CE.
It was gitlab 12.10.0
I upgraded fine to 12.10.14
I upgraded fine to 13.0.14
I then stupidly made a download mistake and started dpkg -i as I usually do.
I see that it is EE and not CE. I cancel the update with Ctcl C
gitlab is now no longer working and do not know how to progress!
Cannot complete install of correct version of gitlab 13.1.11 as debian tells me there is a incomplete install or removal of gitlab-ee. But I do not want to install it.

Do I need to install gitlab-ee 13.1.11 first as it was incomplete and then install gitlab ce 13.1.11 ?

Any information and help would be really appreciated. Thanks



dpkg-reconfigure gitlab-ee

To continue the failed install that you cancelled with ctrl-c.

If that works you can downgrade it to ce again once you get it working

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Thanks for your reply. I had to call a colleague and got a backup restored to a seperate VM.
I would like to try this. If I have time soon I will do this and give feedback for others.

best regards and thanks