Gitlab CI/CD associate certificate

Hi team,

I completed Gitlab CI/CD certification exam last week, the lab practical’s also submitted. I received a mail stating lab validated but in the site it shows the team couldn’t find the repo in which I did the lab. I checked the repo and made it public visibility and also replied the same in the certification exam portal last Saturday . I haven’t heard back. Can you please let me know how long will it take to validate or if I have to retake the lab? If so please guide on how to retake the lab?

Thanks and regards


Apologies for the delay in grading for this exam. We were able to now access your project and complete the grading, you should shortly receive an email with your exam results.

For future reference, when you complete certification exams, we recommend using our Learn Labs environment. Working in this environment will ensure that we can access your labs immediately for grading. To learn more about setting up a Learn Labs environment, you can check our instructions here: GitLab with Git Essentials - Hands-On Lab: Create a project and issue | The GitLab Handbook

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.