Gitlab CI/CD fails when building docker image

I have built a custom docker image from alpine and use it as the base image for ruby services that we develop.

FROM ruby:2.4.2-alpine

I created a separate project for the alpine-ruby-service-base dockerfile. Then build and pushed the image to Gitlab docker registry in the project.

In the other ruby service projects, I reference it as follows


In every servce projects, I have a CI/CD pipeline (.gitlab-ci.yaml) which builds these ruby service images when there is a commit to one of the branches.

- docker login --username=gitlab-ci-token --password=$CI_JOB_TOKEN
- docker build --pull -t $CI_REGISTRY/$CONTAINER_TEST_IMAGE .

The problem is that when the CI/CD pipeline is run it fails with the following message

$ docker build --pull -t $CI_REGISTRY/$CONTAINER_TEST_IMAGE .
Sending build context to Docker daemon 709.6kB

Step 1/13 : FROM
pull access denied for,
repository does not exist or may require ‘docker login’: denied:
requested access to the resource is denied

docker login --username=gitlab-ci-token --password=$CI_JOB_TOKEN

the login succeeds

but the following docker build instruction fails!!! can someone point me what is going wrong?

same here, any solution?