Gitlab CI/CD issue

Hello Team,
Gitlab CI/CD is not triggering the deployment using .gitlab-ci.yml file. All configurations are correct and not changed. It was working fine till task week but now not able to trigger the pipeline. Please find the attached screenshot for more details

Try adding:

- master
- merge_requests

to the bottom of your stages.

Thank you for your reply.
Actually the same script was working till last week without adding these lines. Why I am facing this issue now only. Is there any problem with gitlab CI/CD ?

We are encountering the exact same problem on our project using template: AWS/Deploy-ECS.gitlab-ci.yml.

The pipeline is stunk in “created” state but never runs. Nothing changed on our side and this is blocking our deployments.

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Hi, @sgawade. Would you be able to share your .gitlab-ci.yml file along with any custom includes you may have?