Gitlab CI/CD Minutes with Groups

I’m running out of ci/cd minutes for our project, so another developer (has maintainer access) in my project (I’m owner) got the gold trial. He has also created a group (let’s call it Project Group 2) which has me as a member, and we have invited this group into our project as well (project group 2 has maintainer permissions). The problem is I am still seeing the pipeline notification:

Group (Project Group 1) has 5% or less Shared Runner Pipeline minutes remaining. Once it runs out, no new jobs or pipelines in its projects will run.

So how can I use the gold trial ci/cd minutes from Project Group 2 (or if it’s attached to the other developer) in our project? Do I have to move the entire project into Project Group 2, do I have to give Project Group 2 owner permissions? This is unclear to me. Thank you so much for the support!

Based on my understanding, I believe the answer is “yes, you would have to move the entire project over”.

I believe the minutes are tied to the owner path of the project (I.e group, subgroup, user).

It may be possible to fork the project from your project group 1 namespace into the project group 2 namespace. If you use any CI/CD secrets those would also have to be moved to the new fork.

I ultimately would recommend investing some time into setting up a personal group gitlab runner on a cheap VM/publicly accessible machine somewhere. It is fairly easy to do and allows you “unlimited” runner minutes so you don’t need to worry about the “shared minutes”. Our team has an old 2012 MacBook sitting on a desk that is solely used for running builds.