GitLab CI issue?

I have no idea what is going on with this, but my CI is not behaving in any way I’ve seen it behave before.

That should explain my confusion most, but I also have to cancel and retrigger a build marked as “running” because it’s not running… It then starts, and builds fine.

Figured I’d post here before I file an issue.

Other info:
I’m not running traditional setup here… I have 64-bit Gentoo running on a Raspberry Pi 3. As a consequence, I had to patch the unf_ext gem (just to get it to compile – my fork can be found here. Other than that, I had to use a different version of the rugged gem (I had to force version 0.24.5 to install) because the latest version (0.24.6) would not compile.

Anyone have any advice?

Try refresh your web page first, as backround page update at time may miss. I saw it at my end also - but technically background update messages may fail. See if refresh can help you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply!

Unfortunately, refreshing doesn’t seem to change anything… I even cleared the cache and restarted the GitLab. No dice. :frowning:

Update: While updating to the newest release, this happened:

 $ bundle exec rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production
== 20170121123724 AddIndexToCiBuildsForStatusRunnerIdAndType: migrating =======
-- transaction_open?()
   -> 0.0001s
-- add_index(:ci_builds, [:status, :type, :runner_id], {})
   -> 4092.5302s
== 20170121123724 AddIndexToCiBuildsForStatusRunnerIdAndType: migrated (4092.5310s) 

== 20170121130655 AddIndexToCiRunnersForIsShared: migrating ===================
-- transaction_open?()
   -> 0.0001s
-- add_index(:ci_runners, :is_shared, {})
   -> 1.2062s
== 20170121130655 AddIndexToCiRunnersForIsShared: migrated (1.2074s) ==========

With one of the migrations for CI taking 4092.4302 seconds… YIKES. Hopefully that did the trick!