's builtin CI keeps pending

Hi, I’m new to Gitlab CI and Gitlab in general.

To learn Gitlab CI, I created a new project in, add the following .gitlab-ci.yml file:
- test
- build

  stage: test
  script: echo "Running tests"

  stage: build
  script: echo "Building the app"

After I pushed the code to, the Pipelines tab keeps showing pending status for jobs. Do you know what I possibly missed or did wrong? Thanks.

Is that the full .gitlab-ci.yml file? If so, it looks correct to me.

Have you checked the Settings => CI/CD Pipelines page in your project? Maybe you’ve deactivated Shared Runners, or there’s another setting which needs to be enabled?

Hopefully it’s something simple

It run at 30 minutes after the post and seems to be stable now. Is there any chance the shared runners were busy at that time? If so, can I expect it to run instantly when I provide my private runner?

Good question, we’re using shared runners and sometimes there are long delays (1-2 minutes) before builds start. It doesn’t sound like much but it adds up throughout the day. Only a few times has a build completely failed to run.
We’ve used Private Runners (hosted on both Digital Ocean and Vultr) and they definitely ran faster, but we switched back to Shared Runners for now.

Hi, I think I’m experiencing the same problem. I’ve pushed several new commits to a project today and they’re in the “pending” state for around two hours now.

Are there any problems with Gitlab CI platform or I’m doing something wrong?

That’s unusual, I don’t know of any issues at the moment (apart from some strange 503 errors we’ve been getting at random).
If you cancel a pending build, is there anything in the logs afterwards? Perhaps it’s failing so early in the build that it’s not updating the status to “in progress”?