Gitlab CI Runners with GIT-LFS enabled repo running on GITLAB 8.8

We upgraded to gitlab 8.8 yesterday and ci runners 1.2 We have a repo that has gitl-lfs objects on it when building it just gets stuck in the checkout the output looks like

gitlab-ci-multi-runner 1.2.0 (3a4fcd4)
Using Shell executor…
Running on git-lab-runner…
Cloning repository…
Cloning into ‘/mnt/home/gitlab-runner/builds/898fbe3c/0/docker/Moo-Render’…
Downloading (38.67 MB)
warning: current Git remote contains credentials
warning: current Git remote contains credentials

A few things happen here.

  1. it then blocks any runner from the same host.
  2. runners become forbidden requiring gitlab flush of cache.
  3. When checking the git-lfs logs i find the following

Error accessing media: (f82be362472a20a265a59f08411e4234ca83a90c82842390823d953da80f3d9b)

Authorization error:
Check that you have proper access to the repository

This is a valid token I have verified it and it works fine. It seems that gitlab over https doesn’t allow token access to git-lfs objects.
Anyone had any luck with this.


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I’m getting the same issue here. Have you resolved this @tachu?