Gitlab ci sast job: chosen stage does not exist [SOLVED]


We have a self-hosted gitlab ultimate plan (omnibus package on debian):


We’re at gitlab 13.0 and runners 13.0.

We tried to run sast, so we followed :

  • adding to .gitlab-ci.yaml:

       - template: SAST.gitlab-ci.yml
  • including the template to the project:

The result of the setup above


What we expect to see

Running pipeline, we’ve added the SAST template and we have the ultimate plan, so it is expected to work properly.

We have checked:

What we want to know

What are we doing wrong? :slight_smile:

OK, found it… apparently, there needs to be a test stage.

But running into a different issue now: the generated report cannot be found:

Running after_script 00:01

[34](...#L34)Uploading artifacts for failed job    00:02

[35](...#L35) Uploading artifacts...

[36](...#L36) WARNING: gl-sast-report.json: no matching files

[37](...#L37) ERROR: No files to upload

[39](...#L39) ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1