Sast report files are not found

We’re running gitlab 13.0 ultimate self hosted. We didn’t do any sast before (there are no earlier sast-ci configs).
The sast jobs run but:

  • we expect the reports to be uploaded and be available as a downloadable artifact
  • what we see is that the jobs fail because ‘there is no file to upload’.

We didn’t do anything else than just following the guide We added:

  - template: SAST.gitlab-ci.yml

to our .gitlab-ci.yml and we added the template to the project.

Here is the log job’s console (similar for both the jobs secret-sast and spotbugs-sast):

 Running with gitlab-runner 13.0.0 (c127439c)
   on Ada-Lovelance vyVhpUXz
Preparing the "docker" executor 00:23
Preparing environment 00:01
Getting source from Git repository 00:01
 Fetching changes with git depth set to 50...
 Initialized empty Git repository in /.../.git/
 Created fresh repository.
 From ...
  * [new ref]         refs/pipelines/66968 -> refs/pipelines/66968
  * [new branch]      master               -> origin/master
 Checking out f4922553 as master...
 Skipping Git submodules setup
Restoring cache 00:02
Downloading artifacts 00:02
 Downloading artifacts for build-jar (190250)...
 Downloading artifacts from coordinator... ok        id=190250 responseStatus=200 OK token=4ba3cKKg
Running before_script and script 00:01
 $ chmod +x gradlew
 ln: .m2: No such file or directory
 $ ln -s "$MAVEN_LOCAL" ".m2"
Running after_script 00:01
Uploading artifacts for failed job 00:02
 Uploading artifacts...
 WARNING: gl-sast-report.json: no matching files    
 ERROR: No files to upload                          
 ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1

Did you happen to find a solution to this? Several of my organization’s projects are being affected by this same issue.