AutoDevops deployment failing with: "Please enter Username"

Yesterday my AutoDevops to GKE pipeline deployed fine. Today when I run it the deployment fails saying:

$ ensure_namespace
Please enter Username: Please enter Username: Please enter Username: error: EOF
Please enter Username: Please enter Username: error: EOF
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1

Any ideas why this would be? My current suspicion is it’s a bug on Gitlab’s side - I can’t find any past reference to this problem on Google.

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same issue here, started getting these errors 7 hours ago, any luck with troubleshooting?


removing kubernetes integration from project and integrating it again fixed the issue, no config updates required, hope that helps anybody!

(if not helps the only differ may be that I also upgraded my k8s nodes to check if that was an issue, so may be it’s related somehow)


I was getting the same error and also needed to remove and add again the k8s integration. Does anyone know how I can tell gitlab that tiller is installed?

You don’t need to do that. When you add an already existing Kubernetes cluster to a gitlab project it doesn’t update the information about which applications are installed. But once you deploy it will discover tiller automatically.

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Umm ok, doesn’t work for me but I am using a custom gitlab-ci.yml file as this is a dotnet project and auto-devops doesn’t really support that to well.

Will have to look into it.

edit: it deploys fine to the k8s cluster.

This appears to have fixed itself now - I did also update my k8 cluster to the latest (kubernetes) version before it started working for me.

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