new repositories are not visible - 404

Hey Community!

Is anyone else experiencing problems with accessing newly created repositories?
Right after creation I am taken to 404 page, then it is impossible to create repository with the same name. This suggests that the repository is created, just not visible.

I am on free plan.


I just created a new test project without any 404 errors. If the project is created, you should be able to try in your browser or replace yourusername with a group name if you created the project in a group.

Hello Ian,
I should have mentioned this in the beginning, problem is when I create the repository as a part of a group. In this case 404 still happens. When creating personal project then everything works.

I created mine in a group :slight_smile: even was able to view and delete it. I checked the gitlab status page, I don’t see any outage right now, so maybe it’s intermitent.

You have full rights/permissions to the group?

Yes, I am the owner of the group, same thing happens to the other group owner.
This is weird! :slight_smile:

Even more interestingly - I see them in the list of projects<groupname>/-/projects but clicking on them returns 404, same when I try to delete them.

Curious, how are you creating them?

When you go to create a project it prompts you to select: blank, template, import, run ci/cd with external repo

which one are you choosing? If you’re choosing a blank project, are you initializing it with a readme?

Just trying to figure out how to reproduce, since I’m not having any issues either.

If you have reproduction steps and can consistently reproduce it, I recommend filing a bug issue in Issues · / GitLab · GitLab

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I’m facing the same issue. I created 2 projects in a new group. Options are :

  • Blank project
  • WIth a README
  • With SAST
  • Package or container

I created first project; then I added a project member as Owner too. The second and third projects (created after added member) are invisible and I have a 404.

I can’t delete them with API. Response code is 404 too. Sizes of projects are 0 byte (in Group projects list)

Hello Cynthia, fridezlucas!

I did report issue in the GitLab support, you can see it here #482573.

Thanks for the information.

I’m still not able to reproduce. Using a group, creating a project, adding new members, creating another project. They’re all fine.

I suggest opening a support ticket via . Please provide as much information as possible including the details that I asked for in my previous post, a full URL to the project(s) that you’re getting 404, and mention this forum thread with a full URL.

Note: All free user tickets get an auto-response. Please make sure to reply to the auto-response message so a support person sees it.

We have at least 1 open ticket, but since we can’t reproduce it, my guess is that it’s something related to the specific group(s), or some other condition we haven’t checked.

Edit: See comment below.

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One of our Support Engineers managed to reproduce under certain conditions, namely that the group has a pending owner invite.

Can you confirm whether this is the case for you?

If so, please comment here or in the bug issue: 404 after creating new project (#387157) · Issues · / GitLab · GitLab

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