rejecting valid Azure Devops repository URLs for not ending in .git

When adding an Azure Devops repo for continuous integration by free tier as per How to integrate Azure DevOps repositories with GitLab | GitLab this tutorial, my Azure Devops clone URL is formatted as https:/ , the ssh URL does not have a .git ending, either. Notably, the tutorial does not include a URL ending in .git, either.

Upon putting that into Gitlab, I get the error message “please match required format: Please provide a valid URL ending in .git”.

Azure devops does not provide URLs ending in .git.

The command git config --get remote.origin.url does not provide a URL ending in .git. The command git remote show origin reveals fetch and push URLs that do not end in .git, to my understanding there is no option to get a URL ending in git.

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I have the same issue when trying to import repo from AWS CodeCommit as it doesn’t end with .git either :roll_eyes:

try adding “.git” at the end of the Azure Devops URL - it worked for me on CodeCommit

Adding .git does not work. I have a repo already with a dot inside the name. Can someone fix this??