[SOLVED] URL / name of application and service is not correct

Hi All,

First time user so any assist is helpful.

Using MS Azure…after install everything works except the URL for the emails and the projects git and http name options. It comes out like this:


(where xxxxx is ur host name)

I checked and changed hosts file and the gitlab.rb “external url” file, then /etc/hosts looks like this and seems fine localhost localhost.localdomain localhost4 localhost4.localdomain4
::1 localhost localhost.localdomain localhost6 localhost6.localdomain6

It should resolve to: http://xxxxxxxxxxxx.cloudapp.net/

I googled and found an answer that said to change a gitlab.ini and I think a config.ini file also

Any help is appreciated/ Thanks in advance.

is this an Omnibus install?
When you changed gitlab.rb did you run the following commands?

rm -rf /opt/gitlab/embedded/nodes
gitlab-ctl reconfigure

I had a problem where changes to gitlab.rb (located in /etc/gitlab) did not take effect. However I was told to run those commands and afterwards the changes took effect.

I also found the following documentation:

@sim085 this is fixed in latest release 7.10.1, no need to remove /opt/gitlab/embedded/nodes.

No happiness…


GitLab 7.10.0
GitLab Shell 2.6.2
GitLab API v3
Ruby 2.1.6p336
Rails 4.1.9

Going to try an upgrade and see if that picks up the changes/

This issue is resolved with install/upgrade to version 7.10.4

Thank you